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  • Thank you so much my life is getting better every day. From darkness to light. Sadness to Joy. Many thanks,  J.H.-  Connecticut

  • “My heart is smiling.  You are one of my greatest blessings.”

    —K.M., New Jersey

  • Dr. Ablow is the best of the best. He is update with all the latest technogical advances in psychiatry. He has a passion for his work and has helped myself as well as stepping up and becoming involved with a family court issue that he was a major factor in. He has recommended TMS treatment for me when I was pregnant and not able to be on my medications this was extremely helpful. He has also introduced me to ketamine infusions that I could only describe as somewhat of a restart of my brain opening it up to feelings that had not been triggering. If you’ve dealt with psychiatrists that are using the same old medications and supposed solutions from the last 20 years with no results. I would highly reccomend looking into Dr Keith Ablow a very inspiring, caring human being who’s work is his passion.

  • “A national treasure.”

    Ed Tyll, National Radio Host

  • “Thank you so much for helping me feel relief from the terrifying illness of depression. For the last 6 weeks I have been engaged, focused, and happy. This could never have happened without you.”
    K.O., Massachusetts

  • “Thank you for your help during this difficult time. As a therapist myself, it is challenging to find a mental health provider, let alone a really good one.”
    L.L., Missouri

  • “Thank you for giving me my mother back. I cannot believe the dramatic change in her over the past several weeks. You truly have saved her life.”

    A.B., Arizona

  • “I found Dr Ablow by chance. He and his great staff helped tremendously.I can’t wait to start living again.”

    J.H., Connecticut

  • “I am so thankful for all the help and kindness Dr. Ablow has shown me. When I first saw Dr. Ablow, I felt hopeless but now I am inspired. I’m not afraid anymore. I will always be grateful for Dr. Ablow giving me hope and life back.”

    R.K., New Hampshire

  • “You have made a change in my life that was way overdue.  Thank you.”

    C.B., Massachusetts

  • “You gave me a new life.”

    A.B., Massachusetts

  • One of the 35 most famous psychiatrists to have ever lived.

  • I have seen my family members achieve amazing results since seeing you–real life-changing results.

    C.F. Massachusetts

  • I first saw you three years ago when I was struggling with extreme agoraphobia. Flash forward to to today and an amazing success story…I’m engaged, have two kids, and in marketing management at a public traded company. Absolutely amazing how things can change. I’m extremely happy.

  • Good morning, I have wanted to deny that the ketamine has been helping me with my OCD and PTSD. I took my five nasal inhalations last night (it was sixth treatment) I am now certain that it has an extremely positive result that can not be denied. I woke up with the weight of the world off my shoulders, whistling and feeling free on unnecessary stress. It’s not that you don’t get concerned over meaningful issues, its just that you don’t dwell on the issues that you have no control over or have no real significant cause for concern (anxiety). You first diagnosed by ADD which has been missed for over 50 years. The adderall not only took away my stress and general anxiety, but it has made me so focused and level headed that it has had a profoundly positive effect on my ability to greatly improve my personal and business life. Then with the addition of the ketamine we relieved the OCD and PTSD ( caused by fear of the reoccurrence of cancer) as mentioned above. I have not felt so good nor have I had the ability to enjoy life to this level of happiness in many many years. As if that were not enough you have my wife functioning at 100% in just a few months under your care. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but we have spent the last 15 years bouncing from psychiatrist to psychiatrist non of which could help her in the least bit. Your devotion to your patients is unparalleled. You have such a personal concern to not only make people better, but to also help them make a better life for themselves above and beyond just mental health care. I have never met anyone like you that so genuinely goes out of their way to help people get ahead in life. This text can barely explain my gratitude for all you have done for me and my family. You are a testament to your profession. You are a great and selfless man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • “I’m very fortunate to have a doctor who cares so much. I have no words. I just need to remember moments such as those I have now been having in my life, since starting treatment with Dr. Ablow.”

    M.D., Massachusetts

  • “Freedom. I made it. My addiction was hell, but that chapter is closed forever now. I would have never gotten here without your help. Thank you.”

    D.D.V., New Hampshire

  • “I never feel alone in life because of your professionalism, compassion and encouragement.”

    J.C., Florida

  • “You have helped me beyond measure in my personal journey. I’m also sure that you get thanks from many clients often, but I still want to be one of those clients that thanks you from the bottom of my heart.”

    S.D., New Hampshire

  • “I am very thankful in this new year for all of the help Dr. Keith Ablow has given me, in mind, body and spirit. Because of his compassionate caring and expertise, my entire world has opened up like it never has before.”

    M.T., Massachusetts

  • “Your words transcend advice, but speak, instead, to peoples’ souls.”

    C.W., Alabama

  • “Your guidance and recommendations have set me on the path to recovery and to fully relish my freedom. Your kindness is immeasurable.”

    J.R., Florida

  • “I appreciate everything you ever did. I really do owe you so much.”

    C.C. , New York, NY

  • “One of the five greatest psychiatrists alive today.”


  • “I saw you just a few months ago. I had been depressed for seven years. I’ve been feeling good! I feel so fortunate that I found you. I just returned from a week’s vacation, after not being able to travel for years.”

    S.S., Massachusetts

  • “Thank you for being so kind and genuine, and for the wonderful gift of allowing me to express myself to you through writing.”

    J.F., Massachusetts

  • “Thank you, Keith, the stars were aligned when you opened this door for me.”

    J.H., California

  • “I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You have been the only person, ever, who has been there for me 100 percent.”

    R.E., Oklahoma

  • “I have found my calling, my life’s work. I have you to thank for that.”

    L.J., Texas

  • “Thank you for all your help. It is such a delight to have my son back. Without you, we never would have gotten through this.”

    D.B., Massachusetts

  • “I never believed in listening to my heart, until you said it to me, because I never had faith in anyone’s words to me, until I listened to you. Your kindness, caring and understanding has held me together.”

    D.P., Massachusetts

  • “I have been treated by the “top psychiatrists” in the world and none of them come close to Dr. Ablow’s unconditional determination and innovative thinking that not only saved my life, but secured my future. Dr. Ablow is the most sincere and passionate doctor that I have ever known. Dr. Ablow pulled me out of the darkest abyss, dusted me off, and guided me towards my dreams.”

    A.W., Massachusetts

  • “You have always treated me with the utmost care and have always done what was in my best interest. We, your patients, are very, very fortunate to have you so invested in our care.”

    A.M., Massachusetts

  • “Thank you for having enough faith in me to help me. It is a very special gift to receive–having someone believe in me”

    B.F., Maryland

  • “You truly have a way about doing what you do that is more than just “book learning.” I don’t know if it is art, passion or a gift–maybe it is all of those. But, whatever “it” is, you have it, in abundance. And, that you have chosen to use it, unabashedly, has been an indescribable blessing to me, (and your other patients, I am sure).

    Again, thank you. I know that sounds lacking, but I know of nothing else to say.”

    A.H., Texas

  • “You are the finest psychiatrist I have ever met. You changed my life.”

    D.G., Massachusetts

  • “Thanks for all you do for me. You saved my life.”

    A.N., Georgia

  • “A brilliant psychiatrist. One of the smartest people I know.”

    Glenn Beck, Broadcaster, NY Times bestselling author

  • “I remember thinking that if anyone could help me it would be you. I was right. All this time I have been waiting to die, but now I can’t wait to live! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me, for your compassion and for every time you hung in there with me.”

    M.T. , Maine

  • “Thank you so much. I predict that I will be 110 percent! May God be by your side always.”

    R.V., East Haven, Connecticut

  • “A psychiatrist of ideals, of good values; a psychiatrist unfettered by various orthodoxies, able to think for himself.”

    Robert Coles, MD, Professor, Harvard University, Pulitzer Prize winning author

  • “I am impressed by the shear compassion and humaneness of Ablow’s point of view.”

    William Styron – Pulitzer Prize winning author

  • “Dr. Ablow has earned the title `America’s Psychiatrist.´”

    Good Housekeeping Magazine

  • “Fascinating clinical insights…”

    The New York Times

  • “I know I’ve finally found a psychiatrist who’s not in it for the money, but rather for the good of mankind.”

    N.H. , Colorado