Dr. Ablow will meet with you in-person, by phone or via Skype. He is extremely skilled at providing insight-oriented psychotherapy designed to relieve symptoms of major depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol dependence, drug dependence and eating disorders (including being overweight), among many others. He also routinely works with both men and women who are suffering no particular disorder and wish to become happier and more successful.

Dr. Ablow believes that the key to recovering completely from psychiatric symptoms is seeing the complete truth about one’s life story—and no longer being at the mercy of unconscious patterns of emotion, thought and behavior.

“So many of us fall victim to anxiety, depression and addiction, or watch our relationships suffer, because we have not looked at the psychological roots of our emotions and behaviors. We are needlessly worried that digging too deeply will reveal trouble we can’t overcome. Nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as you turn to face the issues you have been running from, you have begun to defeat them. Psychotherapy can literally relieve people of their suffering, while making them far stronger and setting the stage for real success.”

– Keith Ablow, M.D.