What is Dr. Ablow’s experience in the field?

In addition to treating private patients for the past two decades, Dr. Ablow has served as medical director of a group of outpatient clinics serving 10,000 patients, medical director of one of the largest psychiatric hospitals and detox centers in Massachusetts and as Assistant Clinical Professor at Tufts Medical School.

Can I visit with Dr. Ablow for intensive, multi-hour sessions, while visiting one of the cities where his offices are located?

Yes. People from nineteen states, Europe and Asia have visited Dr. Ablow’s Boston office, staying at local hotels or inns, while receiving daily psychotherapy and/or medication management on an intensive basis.

Does Dr. Ablow work with substance-dependent patients?

Yes. Dr. Ablow has worked with patients who suffer with alcohol dependence, as well as dependence on marijuana, cocaine, opiate pain medications and heroin. He has achieved extraordinary success helping these patients rid themselves of addiction.

Does Dr. Ablow consult on leadership skills and executive development?

Dr. Ablow has helped some of the leading business people in America—including CEOs and investors—to set goals clearly, defeat negative thought patterns and communicate objectives in a way that galvanizes intentions to succeed. He also consults to companies on which applicants for positions are most likely to perform well.